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Teenager Slut Serves Old Dick

June 14, 2013

Click here for more of this hardcore training from Old Farts and Young Tarts This is not quite how this eager teenie recruit imagined discipline in the armed forces to be. However she did screw up and she might be not so smart but she is eager to please. She does just what her instructor [...]

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Hot babe gets fucked by a fitness trainer

March 22, 2013

Watch more teens get banged at the gym Martine has a steamy body and likes to keep it that way so she works out at her local gym and there is this trainer that is on the mature side that won’t let up on her. He gives this beauty a hard workout but today he [...]

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Dirty Cutie Gets Worked

February 20, 2013

Click here for more of this young old porn from Old Farts and Young Tarts You know, I keep seeing this old man with teens, he’s tutoring them or training them, or hiring them. One thing’s for sure the old guy always has his eye on the tight teenie honey pots and always finds a [...]

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Teen gets ass spanked and pussy nailed

December 26, 2012

Watch more teens getting nailed outdoors This sweetheart was throwing a ball against a board near some train tracks and this old guy comes across the tracks yelling, pulls her by the ear and then bend her over and spanks her rear. He goes from spanking her buttocks to pulling her panties down and spreading [...]

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Teen getting a cock workout

November 22, 2012

Watch more teen gettting a workout This pretty honey is having a workout with her trainer. The trainer is a bit on the elderly side but that does not stop him from lusting after Kristyna. She is not picking up on the routine easily so he has decided to show her other mucles she can [...]

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Babe gets fucked under a train bridge

August 20, 2012

Watch more babes get fucked outside Marcel’s young girlfriend loves the sound of trains so while they are out walking, she wants to get plowed underneath a train bridge. Its a bit on the cold side but any chance to get muff is great. She can’t keep her hands off Marcel as she unzips his [...]

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Teen gives her old trainer a workout

August 8, 2012

See more young sluts and horny old farts Adriana started working out at the local gym and she has the elderly trainer so horny over her and she knows it. He is keeping an eye on her while she is using the weights, but she has decided she wants to use his meat stick instead. [...]

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Teen gets banged by her fitness trainer

July 27, 2012

Watch more fitness trainers fuck young girls Martine is one sweetheart that gets off on working out and her trainer really gave her a workout today and she is horny as heck. Her body is glistening in sweat and she invites the old fart over and she lays a lip lock on him. He is [...]

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Teen gets a cock workout

April 30, 2012

Watch more teens take cocks in hand Lucy is a pretty young teen that is getting a workout by an old fellow that’s a trainer. He gets bold, walks up to her, whips out his shlong and tells her he has another mucle he would like her to work out. He is already hard and [...]

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Blonde teen gets nailed by her fitness trainer

March 14, 2012

Watch more teens nailed by their fitness trainers Martine is one of those girls that gets a damp pussy by getting a hard workout. Her new fitness instructor is giving her exactly this and she wants his prick. He is a bit on the mature side but when your horny, just about any hard prick [...]

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