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Sweetheart gets drilled in the back of a van

July 27, 2013

Watch young babes get pounded by older guys Paul and Sophie are washing the work van when Paul looks up and sees Sophie bent over and he can see her muff because she is not wearing any panties. He keeps himself under control until he looks through the window to the other side and sees [...]

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Blonde hottie gives head and gets her pussy drilled on a boat

July 21, 2013

Watch young babes get pounded by older guys Zoe is a blonde sweetheart with a banging body; she is on a boat with two horny men and one of the guys can’t seem to keep his hands off her. The one guy she likes tells her to do what the other guy wants and he [...]

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Teen gets her muff plowed by two older guys

July 20, 2013

Watch more teens gets fucked by multiple older guys Dries and Steven get to take their turn at plowing the pussy of a hot young teen. They are in an abandoned factory where Steven first sucks on her jugs and then rubs his fingers up and down her coochie. Natascha gets pushed up against a [...]

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Old gentleman fucks his beautiful younger babysitter

July 12, 2013

Watch young babes get pounded by older guys When the wife goes out, the hubby is going to play especially when there is a beautiful babysitter at home that wants your beef stick. This babysitter wants his cock and she shows just how much when she wraps her lips around his boner and strokes his [...]

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Bright yellow bibs and getting screwed seem to go hand in hand

July 5, 2013

Watch older guys fucking younger babes Bruce has found himself a hot young sweetheart that does not mind wearing his pension for bright yellow bibs with huge colorful flowers on them. While they are out in the back yard, they get into a bout of kissing that turns into her getting down on her knees [...]

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Young sweetheart gets her mouth fucked by a senior rod

April 17, 2013

Watch young babes get their mouth pounded by older guys This young sweetheart is hot, horny and in desperate need of some rod. Its a good thing she has a repairman over that she can talk into dropping is drawers and going to town gobbling his knob. She nuzzles her face on his boner through [...]

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Teen gets fucked up against a car

April 6, 2013

Watch more teens getting banged by older guys This pretty teen is back behind a shed masturbating thinking that no one is around. Jacques hears some noises and goes to check them out and finds this honey in action and offers to help her out with her problem. She is wary at first but once [...]

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Hot sweetheart gets drilled on the exam table by her Doctor

March 10, 2013

Watch more horny babes get fucked by older guys Sandra is getting impatient waiting on the Doctor when she spots a twat torpedo on one of the tables. She has decided to pass the time by taking that toy and ram it into her beaver and after a few thrusts, the Doctor walks into the [...]

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Ebony sweetheart gets her hypnotized boyfriend to fuck her beaver

November 28, 2012

Watch young babes get pounded by older guys This ebony sweetheart hypnotized her guy to do whatever she wanted him to do. She wants him in the bed naked so that she can give him head. She slobs his knob as she leans over his thighs and then has him get up on his knees [...]

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Fucking in the snow

November 5, 2012

Watch more girls get fucked by older guys Lucie is a bit on the unusual side because she loves to expose her body in public, even in winter, and shag older guys. Her latest boyfriend is up for anything so when she opens her coat and exposes her jugs and beaver, he is all over [...]

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