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Teen gets a house call by her doctor

June 6, 2013

Watch more old guys fuck younger babes Sanne is a pretty blonde that has injured herself and puts in a call to Dr. Dirk. Not girl can resist his bedside manner especially when he has a finger rubbing up and down their hot box. With a few thrusts of his shlong into her cunt, Sanne [...]

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Teenie Fucks The Old Doctor

June 2, 2013

Click here for more of this hardcore young old fuck Oh yeah this little teenager went in for a gyno exam and the doc sure liked what he saw. He had her off that table and on her knees before she even knew it! She was more than happy with the results of it because [...]

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Young patient gets fucked by her Doctor

June 1, 2013

Watch more old Doctors fuck young patients Angelica has her feet in the stirrups and her Doctor is fingering her muff. She doesn’t normally get turned on but she is horny and when she gets out of the chair, she corners him and rubs his prick through his gown. She gets his pants down and [...]

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Blonde plays Doctor and gets her muff pounded

May 25, 2013

Watch young babes get pounded by older guys This horny sweetheart gets a house call from her local Doctor. Right after he checks her heart along with squeezing her tits, she reaches into his pants and grabs out his pecker. They lay down on a blanket in the backyard as she wraps her lips and [...]

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Dr. and mother fuck daughter

May 23, 2013

Watch more mother and daughters get banged This mother doesn’t know how to deal with her unruly daughter so takes her to a Doctor who’s plan is to put her to sleep, finger her muff and then pork her; all with her mom looking on. It takes a bit of doing but they get the [...]

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Sucking Old Cock

April 10, 2013

Click here for more of this young old porn Who’s the doctor here and who’s the patient? Who the fuck really cares this wild young girl is in charge giving her old friend a blowjob that he will long remember. In fact we will too. She’s discovering that old cocks work better than the young [...]

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Young Girl Gets Pussy Exam

April 3, 2013

Click here for more of this video sample from Old Farts and Young Tarts Those old farts manage to find hot new young girl pussies no matter where it is they go. I mean from a short holiday at the shore to volunteering at the hospital there’s plenty of that wet slick pussy to go [...]

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Patient gets her muff and behind pounded by the Doctor

March 28, 2013

Watch young babes get pounded by their Doctor Melissa received some bad news at the Doctors office and this cute sweetheart is in tears. Her Doctor has a great bedside manner and he goes down between her legs and licks her beaver. He replaces is tongue with his boner as he rams his shlong into [...]

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Old man gets his rod sucked in the hand stand position

March 20, 2013

Watch more young babes get pounded by older guys Johan is having problems these days with getting a hard rod but Doctor Julie has a foolproof plan. He feels a couple twitches as he watches her get undress and she has a nice set of tatas and a shaved hot box. What the Doctor orders [...]

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Hot sweetheart gets drilled on the exam table by her Doctor

March 10, 2013

Watch more horny babes get fucked by older guys Sandra is getting impatient waiting on the Doctor when she spots a twat torpedo on one of the tables. She has decided to pass the time by taking that toy and ram it into her beaver and after a few thrusts, the Doctor walks into the [...]

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