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Lawyer fucks his young client

June 23, 2013

Watch more old guys fuck younger chicks Dana is a pretty brunette that is doing time in the local jail for a crime she did not commit. Her lawyer comes to visit and she wants to show her appreciating by sucking his shaft. He turns the tables by getting her flat on her back and [...]

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Old guy fucks the hired help

June 22, 2013

Watch more old guys fuck hot young chicks Alina is short on cash so this sweetheart is going around the neighborhood looking for odd jobs. She comes to Paul’s house, who is one of the old chaps on the street, and he hires her to help him with his garden since his back is giving [...]

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Old guy bangs his young nurse

June 13, 2013

Watch more old guys bang young chicks Harvey is getting up their in age and his family thinks that he needs a nurse to take care of him so they hired a pretty young babe to help him out. What his family didn’t know was that this particular nurse has a thing for old guys [...]

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Old dude bangs two young babes

May 21, 2013

See more old guys fuck young girls Sam is out fiddling with his rose bushes when he looks next door and sees two hot sweeties playing with a volleyball. His imagination goes into overtime and his mind conjures up a fantasy with these girls sucking on his schlong. Fantasies are great especially when you have [...]

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Photographer fucks young chick

May 15, 2013

Watch more old guys fuck young chicks This old guy has figure out a way to shag young beauties. He tells them he is a photographer and looking for fine models and they are what he is looking for. They will do whatever they can to become a model, even if its screwing this dirty [...]

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Hot fantasy sucks cock

May 10, 2013

Watch more guys fantasize about young chicks sucking cock When your bored, you will do just about anything to relieve the boredome and Ben’s answer to this is fantasizing that a hot young sweetheart wearing nothing but a robe walks on over to him and straddles his waist. She looses the robe and has a [...]

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Janitor fucks hot tenant

May 5, 2013

Watch more old guys fuck younger chicks Paul was called to one of the tenants apartments and she turned out to be one hot sweetheart. She is having some issues with her TV and she invites Paul to have a glass of beer and next thing he knows, she is naked and he has his [...]

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Female soldier gets screwed by her prisoner

April 30, 2013

Watch more old guys fuck younger chicks This military sweetheart is on duty tonight and she comes across an intruder and takes him prisoner. She is feeling horny so she tells the guy to strip down naked as she is pointing a gun at his head and tells him to lick her beaver. Once the [...]

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Teen babe gets turned on by power tools

March 18, 2013

Watch more old guys fuck young chicks This sweetheart has a thing for power tools and right now she has an older gent in her basement working on the wall with a huge saw. She takes his a refreshment but his attention is on her tits. She will let him play with her tatas if [...]

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Blonde gets her muff and mouth drilled at the same time

January 29, 2013

Watch more chicks get fucked by two guys Katerina knows what she is in for when she climbs into the bed with two naked guys as they are stroking their rods. She gets in between them and grabs their peckers and while she is stroking them, they are rubbing her coochie. She climbs on board [...]

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