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Teen Sylvia Gets The Dick From Old Guy

March 31, 2013

Click here for more of this hot teen and her old lover. Our cute and horny little teenager has found that grey in the beard doesn’t mean there is no fire below and this stiff dick guy has just what she craves. She’ll be back for more and those horny young studs will not satisfy [...]

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Old Fart Teaches Young Girl

March 30, 2013

Click here for more of this young old hardcore. This old guy offered to teach our teenie to play some new games. Pool is not her strong point but he has some other balls that could use attention and she is more than willing to help out. She might not be able to point a [...]

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Old Stud Surprise

March 29, 2013

Click here to see the sample movies Now there is nothing sexier to most guys than a naked teenie babe who doesn’t know she is being watched. Her erstwhile suitor popped up from the bathtub with a big surprise for her. She was mroe than willing to take that big dick and say the hell [...]

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Patient gets her muff and behind pounded by the Doctor

March 28, 2013

Watch young babes get pounded by their Doctor Melissa received some bad news at the Doctors office and this cute sweetheart is in tears. Her Doctor has a great bedside manner and he goes down between her legs and licks her beaver. He replaces is tongue with his boner as he rams his shlong into [...]

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Double Teamed Ted

March 27, 2013

Click here to see what else this naughty trio got up to! So his name might not be Ted but I think the title aptly suits this picture! ; These two lovely young ladies have their filthy mouths wrapped around this old guys dick and are sucking him nice and hard, well, these old codgers [...]

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Old guy gets his rod massaged by pretty teen

March 26, 2013

Watch young babes get pounded by older guys Valerie is giving John a massage when she reaches down between his legs and starts rubbing on his rod. He lifts himself up off the massage bed so she can grab his pecker and stroke it. Valerie next turns him over onto his back and deep throat [...]

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Hot young Tarot card reader gets plowed by old man

March 25, 2013

See more older guys fucking younger babes Tristan is getting a tarot reading and is told that he is going to shag a coy young blonde. Fortunately for him the Psychic is a coy blonde and she gets up on the table and crawls over to him. She gets down between his legs and goes [...]

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Teen gets pussy licked in the tub

March 24, 2013

Watch more old guys get their dick sucked Cindy has been wanting a nice soak in the tub and when she walks into the bathroom she find Jacques already there and she can see his solid schlong through the water. He has had a thing for Cindy and asks her to join him, she takes [...]

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Cheering Up A Dirty Old Clown

March 23, 2013

Click here for the rest of this hot senior episode. This is a new tactic for getting hot young pussy for a older guy. Just pretend to be inconsolable. His young friend will do anything to mend his broken heart. Anything includes giving a long hot blowjob and giving him a taste of that fresh [...]

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Hot babe gets fucked by a fitness trainer

March 22, 2013

Watch more teens get banged at the gym Martine has a steamy body and likes to keep it that way so she works out at her local gym and there is this trainer that is on the mature side that won’t let up on her. He gives this beauty a hard workout but today he [...]

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