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Teen gets a cock workout

April 30, 2012

Watch more teens take cocks in hand Lucy is a pretty young teen that is getting a workout by an old fellow that’s a trainer. He gets bold, walks up to her, whips out his shlong and tells her he has another mucle he would like her to work out. He is already hard and [...]

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Stripey Teenage Sex

April 29, 2012

This sexy nurse got the tables turned on her when her elderly patient decided to whip out his tiny cock and fuck her over her examination table! ; She was shocked at what this old man could do at his age and with the little equiptment that he had but once he was done she [...]

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Feeding Her Dick

April 28, 2012

Click here to see the doctor’s cure This old doc has the cure for what ails his young and nubile patient. She lacks focus she can’t keep her mind on anything. After a very thorough examination including that wet pussy and those sexy boobs he determines that he knows what her problem is. Only a [...]

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Cock Dr. gets fucked

April 27, 2012

Watch more Dr. patient fuck sessions This elderly man is having some issues getting his prick hard and maintaining it and that is where Dr. Lucie comes into it. He is at her office today and she gives him a shot at the base of his boner and then starts to stroke him. To his [...]

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Slutty Teen Likes Grandads Asshole!

April 26, 2012

Click here to see more dirty teens fucking old men! Wow! ; I don’t think I have ever seen this before, ever! ; This naughty little teen decided to lay her senior on his back and start to lick out his asshole as he jerked himself off to her talented tongue! ; She rimmed his [...]

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Senior Makes His Own Porn

April 25, 2012

Click here for more of this hot young babe and the old man This old fart has all his wits about him and though he told his photographer that he wanted her to take pictures of him for his family, these photos and the video are definitely not PG! Instead he pulls off his clothes [...]

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Hot Young Sara Gives Olf Geezer Some Pussy

April 24, 2012

Click here to see more of Sara fucking These lucky old guys never run out of ideas when it comes to chatting up those hot young teenies. Even more amazing is how they find them. However Peter is hot and sweaty and his mower has just broken down. Lucky him! Seems Sara knows the best [...]

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Hot Teenage Redhead Fucks Old Dude

April 23, 2012

Click here for more of this young old sex and lucky Tim Tim has such a cool job. He’s a photographer and he spends all day taking pictures of hot young teens. Sometimes he gets lucky too (more often than not). These cute teenagers can’t resist the chance to try out that old cock. They [...]

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Senior Splashes Teenager

April 22, 2012

Click here for more of these sample movies from Beauty and the Senior Old farts need their naps and Jack is no exception. Only he gets an unexpected and very horny visitor from the apartment next door. Jack is not one to question luck though, he has barely opened his eyes before he has a [...]

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Bert Fucks Hot Nude Sunbather

April 21, 2012

Click here to see more young girls fucking old men! Click here for more young/old porn! Bert came across a doggy in the park that belonged to a nude sunbather so he decided to return the pet to it’s rightful owner! ; She was a little shocked to be discovered but even more so when [...]

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